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1. International Language Institute, Washington DC
Courses / Programs
• Situated in the heart of Washington DC, International Language Institute (ILI) is a quality language school which offers a wide range of foreign language courses to students from around the world.

• We offer beginner to advanced level general courses in Mandarin Chinese, as well as a specialized Chinese for Travelers program.

• On successful completion of the group language program with the required attendance and 'Passing grade' achieved, students can receive a Certificate of Completion.

• Regular group classes meet once weekly (or twice for the accelerated class) in the evening or on Saturday mornings for 10 weeks.

• Each session is 2.5 hours. Traveler classes meet once weekly for 2.5 hours for five weeks. ILI also offers foreign language courses in Spanish and French as well as a wide range of English (ESL) programs.

• Our teachers are all native-speaking and experienced. All of our Chinese language programs integrate speaking, listening, reading and writing. We maintain small class sizes to enable adequate time for conversation in every class.
Beginner to Advanced Level Mandarin Chinese Language Courses:

General Mandarin Chinese course features include:
• Four 10-week terms per year
• Classes meet once per week for 2.5 hours
• Small class size (max. 9 students)
• Experienced, native-speaking teachers
• Certificate of Completion

Also taught:
• Mandarin Chinese for Travelers
• Further languages including English, Spanish, and French
2. Chinese Learning Center of Miami
Courses / Programs
Situated in the heart of Downtown Miami, Chinese Learning Center of Miami offers Chinese laguage immersion programs to adults and children.

Our classes are taught by native-speaking tutors at basic beginner to advanced levels.

Chinese Learning Center of Miami's curriculum is designed to help students understand, speak, read and write Chinese as used in daily life.
Chinese Language Classes:

- For beginner to advanced learners

• Immersion Chinese program
• Preschool Chinese program
• Primary Chinese Program
• Adult Chinese Program
• Adult Business Chinese program
3. ABC Languages, New York
Courses / Programs
Are you searching for quality Chinese classes in NYC?

Conveniently situated in Midtown Manhattan, ABC Languages is a premier language institute offering group classes and private lessons in a wide range of languages, including Chinese.

Established in 1997, ABC provides top-quality Chinese language training to adults, business professionals, college students, kids and teens. In addition, we offer corporate language training for companies and organizations.

Suitable for beginner through advanced levels, our group Mandarin classes are designed to be interactive and fun, and are taught by experienced teachers who are native Chinese speakers. We focus on practical, spoken Chinese that you can use socially, for work or for travel.
Private Chinese lessons can take place at our school or our professional tutors can come to your home or office.

Student Testimonial:
"I heard about ABC in NY Mag and took Chinese classes there. This super-difficult language was taught with fun and experience!! I learned so much!

My teacher was the best language teacher I ever had! I moved out of NYC, but will make sure to resume my classes at ABC the minute I return. Classes are also cheap cheap cheap - I would pay double for the experience I had!"
Mandarin Chinese Classes:
Year-round & summer. For beginners to advanced.

• Group Chinese classes (Evening classes)
• Weekend Chinese classes (Intensive classes)
• Private Chinese lessons at our school or your home/office
• Chinese conversation classes
• Chinese for heritage learners (American Born Chinese)
• Corporate Chinese training onsite for business professionals & organizations
• Chinese classes for kids & teens
• Skype / Online Chinese lessons

Other Languages:

Japanese, Korean, English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Farsi, Arabic..

Specific contact pages
4. Chinese Language Service, Chicago
Courses / Programs
Professor Jie Wang teaches in the Department of Managerial Studies and the MBA Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. A native of Beijing, Dr. Wang has also taught Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Chinese as well as independent study courses in Chinese language and culture at the University of North Dakota and the University of Illinois at Chicago. In addition to teaching, he manages Chinese Language Service, whose Chinese-learning and translation clients range from multinational corporations to individuals. Professor Hong Chen, also from Beijing, teaches Chinese language, film, and literature at Loyola University Chicago and previously taught Chinese at the University of North Dakota. Besides teaching regular university courses, Dr. Wang and Prof. Chen offer corporate training as well as group and private lessons in Mandarin. We also provide professional Chinese/English translation service.

Please contact us today. You'll be glad you did!
Beginning Chinese (Mandarin), Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese, Conversational Chinese, Business Chinese, Chinese for Travel, corporate training (group lessons at client site), and private Chinese lessons.
5. Marvelous Mandarin, Chinese Language & Culture Academy, Austin
Courses / Programs
Marvelous Mandarin, Chinese Language & Culture Academy in Austin in Travis County, Central TX, specializes in teaching Mandarin Chinese language to both adults and children. At Marvelous Mandarin, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between East & West and it has been our passion to share our language and culture with students from many different backgrounds. We hope you can be a part of this great experience. Our adult Mandarin Chinese language programs are well designed and exciting and cater to each learner's specific learning requirements.

At Marvelous Mandarin, our teachers are native Chinese and are highly qualified professionals with degrees in education and many years experience teaching adults and children. With our teachers, you will learn fast and effectively. We offer unbeatable prices to our students. It is important for us to give the opportunity to anyone who wants to be a part of the wonderful experience we offer and learn Mandarin Chinese language. We provide free demo classes to students.
Mandarin Chinese Language Programs:
- Integrated Mandarin Chinese language program: This is for adults who are seeking an in-depth comprehensive Chinese language program
- 1 on 1 Mandarin Chinese language program
- Conversational Chinese: This is for students who just want to learn to communicate effectively in Chinese
- Business Mandarin Chinese language program
- Pronounce Mandarin Chinese language program
- Write Mandarin Chinese language program
- Mandarin Chinese language program for travellers
6. Multilingual Connections, Chicago
Courses / Programs
Learn Mandarin Chinese in Chicago with Multilingual Connections! Conveniently located in West Bucktown on the northwest side of the city, we provide quality Chinese language classes for adults, business professionals, children, teenagers and college students.

Flexible private or semiprivate Mandarin Chinese tutoring is also available at our language center or a location of your choice throughout the Chicagoland area. Our Bilingual Boot Camp for beginners is a unique crash course that entails one 6-hour Sunday session. In addition, we offer Cantonese classes.

All of our Chinese classes focus on building conversation skills through role plays, interaction activities, and cultural discussions. Whether you need to improve your Chinese language skills to connect with your family heritage, to improve workplace communication, or just for fun, we have a class that suits you!

Student Testimonial:
"I would highly recommend Multilingual Connections because of their ability to find dedicated teachers, fair pricing, and easy scheduling."
- Weekly group Chinese classes for adults - beginners, intermediate & advanced
- 1-day intensive Bilingual Boot Camp for beginners
- Private / Semiprivate Chinese lessons at our center or a location of your choice in the Chicagoland area
- Chinese classes for kids ages 1-12
- Private Chinese tutoring for elementary, middle & high school students
- Corporate Mandarin training

Further Foreign Languages:
Cantonese; Japanese; Korean; Spanish; French; German; Italian; Brazilian Portuguese; Russian; Arabic; Hebrew; Hindi; Polish; Hungarian; Turkish...
7. Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
Courses / Programs
Situated in the heart of the Chinatown area in downtown Boston, the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC) provides a 'Mandarin Made Easy' Chinese Language training program to students of all ages and levels. Classes take place on Monday evenings and Saturday afternoons from our convenient downtown Boston location.

Join us today for immediate immersion in Mandarin Chinese, one of the fastest growing languages in the world. In addition to our language programs, we also provide after school care services for children, Adult Education courses, cultural immersion programs, arts & enrichment courses, and more.

For over 40 years, BCNC has served as a vital link for the Asian immigrant and Asian American community of Greater Boston. BCNC strives to provide the support and resources needed for participants to integrate into American society, while preserving the community's rich culture.
'Mandarin Made Easy' Chinese Language Programs:

Program features:
- Evening & weekend Chinese language courses
- Immediate immersion in Chinese language
- Native Mandarin speaking teacher
- Well sequenced lessons for fast learning
- Small teacher to student ratio
- Friendly environment and great location

Additional Programs:
- After-school care services for children
- Adult Education courses
- Cultural immersion programs
- Arts & enrichment courses, and more
8. Confucius Institute, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Courses / Programs
The Confucius Institute is located on the grounds of The University of Texas at San Antonio. It was established to meet the growing demand for learning the Chinese language and understanding the Chinese culture.

We provide high-quality Chinese language lessons for adults, kids, and teens which are available year-round. In addition, we offer Chinese culture classes including Folk Dancing, Taichi, and Chess.

Students at UTSA can also complete Chinese language and culture classes for college credit, which are taught by highly-qualified and experienced Chinese language professors.

Our mission is to promote learning of the Chinese language, to help people to understand and appreciate Chinese culture, society, and history, and creating educational & cultural exchange opportunities for people in San Antonio and throughout the south Texas region.
Chinese Classes for Adults:
- Beginner Chinese
- Intermediate Chinese
- HSK Exam Preparation

Chinese Classes for Kids & Teens:
- Better Chinese – 6 and under
- Better Chinese Elementary I - IV
- Better Chinese Level 5 & 6 - for Middle School & High School students
- Chinese for Heritage Students

Chinese Cultural Classes:
- Art
- Folk Dance I (ages 6‐8)
- Folk Dance II (ages 9+)
- Chinese Musical Instrument – Di Zi
- Chess
- Chen Style Taichi Class

College Courses for Credit
- Chinese Language & Culture Classes
9. International Language Institute, Washington DC
Courses / Programs
• Conveniently located in Dupont Circle, in the heart of Wahington DC, International Language Institute provides 11 different levels of Mandarin Chinese language courses to students from around the world.

• Taught by experienced, native-speaking teachers, our general Chinese programs feature a maximum of 9 students per class, and we also provide a dedicated Mandarin for Travelers program.

• Passing grade students who have the required attendance levels receive a 'Certificate of Completion'. All of our Mandarin Chinese language programs are accredited by ACCET, the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training.

• Our mission is to provide high-quality instruction in Chinese at a superior value, and to satisfy the individual needs and goals of students who choose to learn Mandarin Chinese for academic, personal, or professional reasons.
Mandarin Chinese Courses for Adults:

Course features include:
• 11 levels of proficiency (beginner to advanced)
• Small class size (max. 9 students)
• Four 10-week terms per year
• Classes meet once per week
• Class duration: 2.5 hours
• Native-speaking teachers
• Certificate of Completion

Also taught:
• Mandarin Chinese for Travelers
• Further languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Korean, Arabic...
10. Hills Learning, Manhattan
Courses / Programs
Learn Mandarin Chinese in Manhattan with Hills Learning - a leading foreign language school in NYC!

Hills Learning provides group Chinese classes for adults at our school in the Chanin Building which is part of Grand Central station (122 East 42nd Street, at the corner of Lexington Avenue).

We teach students of all skill levels and ages. Individual Chinese lessons are also available. Our private lessons are generally for adults, but we also have programs that cater to children.

For our individual lessons, we specialize in finding the right teacher and creating the correct curriculum. We cover all of NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. New Jersey and Connecticut can also be covered.

Whether your reasons to learn the language are academic, professional, cultural or personal, we'll find the right match for you. We have no hidden registration fees, no excess fees, and no long term contracts.

Our main motto is "all New Yorkers should be able to afford learning about other languages and cultures." Compared to our competitors, we try to offer the most reasonably priced and interactive lessons in the NY Area.

Student Testimonial:
"My teacher is an exceptional teacher. She kept us at our growing edge and paced class at just the right speed. She integrated hands on activities that enhanced our learning. She was very patient and answered all of our questions. I would most definitely take another class with her."
- Jennifer
- Mandarin Chinese Programs for all levels beginner to advanced
- Interactive Chinese for Beginners
- Intensive Chinese Courses
- Business Chinese
- Corporate Training
- Survival Chinese for Vacation
- Advanced / Academic Chinese
- Private Chinese Lessons
- Group Chinese Courses
- Children's Chinese Programs
- Online Chinese Classes for Adults & Children
- Also Fujianese, Cantonese, Taiwanese, and other dialects depending on the teacher.
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